RN: In a Perfect World…

We recognize that your time is valuable and that inpatient rotations are busy — but here are 4 tips anyway to improve RN-MD collaboration:

1. Please tell patients when they are going home when discharge orders are more finalized.

2. We love when you return our pages! πŸ™‚

3. If there is any way you can let us know when you are in clinic that would make our lives easier — and more importantly we won’t page you during your primary care clinics!

4. We know that your information is on AMION — but sometimes it isn’t accurate or even missing. If you see that this is the case let the directors know so it can be changed! (Pagers #s in the notes help too please)

I believe that the RN-MD relationship will be made that much stronger if some of these things are done! Thanks!

2 Responses

    1. Staff Nurse

      Yes! Having your clinic time on your pager answering machine is super helpful. It’s also reassuring that we paged the correct resident when we hear your message, instead of just a beep πŸ™‚

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