• Websites:
  1. has great videos lectures for interns on high yield topics
  2. Creighton Health Sciences Library
  3. VA Library link:Great online resources(log in Via VA access)
  4. MD Consult:  (via Health sciences library,search anytopic for a full synopsis)
  5. NEJM:free access via health sciences library
  6. ECG Maven: great tutorial on EKG interpretation
  7. Journal Wise:ACP JournalWise, formerly ACP Journal Club PLUS, reviews premier clinical journals to help you find the best research evidence to help you take care of your patients.
  8. MDcalc
  9. Up to Date: for  free access to iphone app and online at home
    • Go health sciences uptodate link
    • Log in using Blue ID and password
    • Click on link for uptodate for faculty
    • Log in/Register (create personal account)
    • Download iphone app
    • Log in on app with new user name then maintain by logging in once every three months via Library website
  10. BestBET’s:BETs bring the evidence one step closer to the bedside, by providing answers to very specific clinical problems, using the best available evidence. Each Topic answers a carefully worded 3-part question, using a structured approach to finding and reviewing the literature.
  11. AccessMedicine(via health Sciences library):Access to many different textbooks and resources etc.
  12. QuntiaMD: Great social learning site, expert video presentations,real life cases,image challenges etc. love this site and will be using it often on the home page. Register to get full advantage of all the resources(thanks Dr Singla for introducing me to this site :))
  13. Stanford University Echo in the ICU:cool website with info on echo,basic views
  14. Life in the fast lane: EKG website (thanks for sharing Dr Mansour)
  15. Cleveland Clinic: Nice synopsis of different topics
  16. Radiopaedia:free educational radiology resource with one of the web’s largest collections of radiology cases and reference articles.
  17. PulmCCM:great pulm critical care site.
  18. Musculoskeletal Shoulder exam:cool site with video explanations
  19. MKSAP:   (highly recommended for Board review questions)
  20. EMCritBlog
  21. Pocket Medicine 5th Edition
  1. Medcalc( great for formulas/calculations/acid-base analyzer)
  2. Epocrates(Great for medication doses)
  3. USPSTF Screening guidelines(Great in clinic for routine screening)
  4. ACP Immunization advisor:makes the latest vaccine indications available at your fingertips.
  5. EPIC:first download the app from itunes to your phone,then configure by going to the following  link  below on your phones browser
  6. ASCVD risk calculator


  • Review articles
  1. Inpatient hyperglycemia
  2. NEJM review of Cholesterol Guidelines(great review view the tables!)
  3. NEJM SVT article (recommended by Dr Egan)
  4. Mayo clinic management of hepatic encephalopathy
  5. NEJM bleeding coagulopathy
  6. Mayo clinic CHF
  7. Mayo clinical approach to abnormal liver enzymes
  8. NEJM Thyroditis(recommended by Dr Devrieze)
  9. Cleveland clinic management of newer oral anticoagulants
  10. Ten commandments of effective consultation
  11. Treating Acute Hypertension in the Hospital(recommended by Dr Houghton)
  12. Recognition and management of withdrawal delirium NEJM(recommended by Dr Houghton)
  13. Evaluation of Abnormal liver enzymes NEJM article(Shared by Dr Abdalla)
  14. Evaluaton of Abnormal liver enzymes Clevaland clinic article(Shared by Dr Abdalla)
  15. Clevland clinic cardiac eveluation preop article(Shared by Dr Vallabhajosyula)
  16. Acute Pancreatitis (Shared by Dr Mukherjee)
  17. Chronic Pancreatitis (Shared by Dr Mukherjee)
  18. Sudden cardiac death from CAD perspective mayo article(Shared by Dr Vallabhajosyula)
  19. JAMA Pain management in the Elderly(Shared by Dr Porter)
  20. NEJM Microcytic anemia
  21. JAMA Delirium article, supplement, editorial (Shared by Dr Houghton)
  22. Clevland journal article on writting consult notes(Shared byDr Goyal)
  23. Clevland clinic COPD review


  • Online Books (Via Health Sciences Library)
  1. Harrison’s online
  2. Washington Manual
  3. Cecil’s
  4. Robbins Pathology
  • Procedures:

log in via Creighton health sciences library to view videos

  1. Thoracentesis Checklist
  2. Thoracentesis Video
  3. Central line Checklist
  4. Central line Video Central line video(subclavian) Central line(femoral)
  5. Paracentesis Checklist
  6. Paracentesis Video
  7. Lumbar Puncture Checklist
  8. Lumbar Puncture Video
  9. Arterial Line Video
  10. Intubation Video
  11. Arthrocentesis Video
  • Handouts/Lectures
  1. Pharmacy Card(prepared by Dr Elsallabi)
  2. Common floor calls(interns)
  3. Electrolytes replacement
  4. HIT
  5. Opioid Conversion 1
  6. Opioid Conversion 2
  7. Pain management pearls(prepared by Dr Klimek)
  8. IV fluids(Dr Peters)
  • Core curriculum Documents
  1. AKI Core curriculum
  2. Dr. Bashir’s Acid/Base PPT
  •  Teaching in Medicine
  1.  1.  UAB Creating Effective Resident Teachers:
  2. APDIM Resident As Teacher Curriculum:
  3. VARK Learning Styles Questionaire:
  4. Adult Learning
  5. Wiese JG, ed. Teaching in the Hospital. Philadelphia: ACP Pr; 2010.
  • Leadership, Management and Group Dynamics
  1. Blanchard, K and Johnson, S. The New One Minute Manager. New York: Morrow; 2015. Print
  2. Covey, Stephen R. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Restoring the Character Ethic. New York: Free Press, 2004. Print.
  3. Lencioni, Patrick. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002. Print.
  4. Lencioni, Patrick. Silos, Politics and Turf Wars: A Leadership Fable. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2006. Print.

 Dr. Silberstein’s Hem/Onc Summary Sheets and Powerpoints


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