Non C.diff Pseudomembranous Colitis


I hope everyone has had a chance to explore the blog. I wanted to share with you an Interesting case Shadi and I had while on GI. We had a patient come in with diarrhea after completing a course of antibiotics for sinusitis. We did the usual testing including C.diff which was negative. stool culture was positive for staph aureus but initially we thought maybe contaminant? However her Ct showed  some bowel thickening,so  she got scoped. Here are the images:

figure1Impressive right? She had very severe colitis and all the colonic aspirate was positive for MRSA no cdiff at all! Pathology also showed pseudomembranes. Diagnosis was MRSA enterocolitis. I thought this was a cool case.




Learning points for me were:

  •   remember that there are other causes of pseudomembrenous colitis apart from c.diff. Here is a cool article
  • MRSA enterocolitis is often associated with antibiotic use! so be judicious about prescribing in the outpatient setting.

Alright guys, Im looking forward to your  own posts, feel free to comment and discuss this case as well in the comment section below. Also reminder First Friday Teaser will be posted tomorrow after 5:00pm  Have a lovely day 🙂


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