Creighton IM Blog Update

Hope everyone is enjoying the warm March wea- ahem, I mean staying warm during our prolonged winter! The blog continues to grow, we are over 12000 views and I wanted to create a single post to update everyone on some of the exciting changes.

  1. Dr Porters and Dr Birch’s Youtube videos have now found a home on the front page of the blog. Feel free to look them up prior to Red Clinic so you can sound as smart as possible 😉
  2. We have two new columns on the left side of the blog! The Patient Safety Minute where we will be bringing you updates from the Monthly Patient Safety Committee meetings; I will try and make these in video format so they can be digested as quickly as possible. Also of note is another column for RNs who will provide advice and tips to improve interdisciplinary care! Ins and Outs [I know, catchy right?]
  3. The Question Committee will be up and running very soon — expect a new multiple choice question a week! Please answer these [they’re totally anonymous] — we will compile these through the years to eventually form a Creighton QBank!
  4. More EKG QuizzesAttending/Resident Interviews, and other things coming your way.

That’s it for now!

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