Chief Interview Series: Jeff Murray

O: Jeff Murray on the mic!

J: Yo!

O: Alright then, lets start this off with a simple one, what made you want to be chief?

J: Uh, so if I had to narrow it down to one reason why I wanted to be chief I’d like to echo what some of the other chiefs said, our administration is very open to change so it puts us in a situation where we’re able to do a lot of good and facilitate a lot of change in the program. That being said also our program is in a current state of flux with the uh — *laughs* — the move over to Bergan Mercy and it really gives us a chance to help with curriculum change while we move over there.

O: Alright great, and so next question *Jeff stares intently back* so you’re originally from St Louis right…

*Jeff nods eagerly*

O: What do you miss?

J: I miss the town, I love Omaha though obviously, the biggest thing I miss about St Louis is the Blues…big hockey fan…had a pretty strong showing last season, hopefully we will have the same this year! *under his breath* Wish some Omaha had some professional sports team…

O: Yes, me too. Um, and so a lot of people see you as some kind of super hero…because *laughing* we all know that you finished nursing school prior to starting your career as a doctor. So one thing I wanted to know, is there any change in perspective or practice that you’ve noticed yourself doing because you went to nursing school?

J: Excellent question thank you for asking — as a physician, myself like everyone strives to put the patient first. Working as a nurse previously our number one goal was to be an advocate for the patient and being a RN before a physician has allowed me to A) Develop my clinical skills and…is their a time out?

O: Ya not really 🙂

J: Ok just let it flow cool — yeah hone my clinical skills and um….communication.

O: Communication?

J: Yes, communication.

O: OK.

J: …

O: So we’ll move, right along, are there any hobbies you’re keeping up with?

J: So currently my number one hobby is trying to keep up with my little one. I have a 5 week old Olivia and aside from her a year and a half year old Liam. Aside from that, hobbies are music — I play the piano, guitar and also sports.

O: Wow, you are quite the dilettante.

J: ?

O: …OK! So you’ve been at Creighton for a few years is there anything you’ve grown to appreciate about Omaha and the residency?

J: So I’ve really enjoyed my time so far at Creighton — my current class the R3s [and some of the R2s I guess] *laughs* No but seriously my R3 class is awesome, I’ve grown to be really good friends with my class, a really great group of people, excellent physicians — I really look forward to continuing to keep in touch with them. I’ve grown to love the city of Omaha, a really great family centered town — with new and developing families a lot of things to do here. Excellent zoo and children’s museum. A lot of things to do in our spare time!

O: Awesome, and what are you hoping to do after graduation.

J: As of now *laughs* applying for a cardiology fellowship.

O: If you had one piece of advice to give to the people below you what would that be?

J: If I had one piece of advice to give to the interns especially it would be that, starting out everyone is nervous, but you are already a success so keep your head held high, work hard, and you will continue to be successful. I look forward to working with you guys and um…good luck?

O: You forgot the second years.

J: As for the second years, keep working at it, you’ll get there some day.

*Paul snatches the microphone from Osman*

Paul Milner: I would like to take the mic for a second.

*room erupts in laughter*

P: I wanted to do some interviewing of Jeff myself — play a little game. You tell me the first word or two that comes to mind when I say a word.

J: *laughing hard*

P: Best beer

J: Bud light [St Louis!]*

P: Jeff Macaraeg

J: *erupts in laughter* San Diego!

P: Jaspreet Dhami!

J: Uhhhh fellow chief resident!

*from the background — HARISH!*

J: *laughing* EKG CHANGE! Uh — STEMI!

P: Did you get excited there?

J: A litte bit 🙂

P: OK. Osman Bhatty.

J: Excellent blogger!

P: Sure, that’s what I would’ve said. Paul Milner?

J: Ooh…*laughs*

[crowd] ooh?

J: …

P: Anum Abbas

J: Excellent Chief

P: Two words only. Dr Cichowski

J: Uh, excellent program director…uh making a lot of changes for the better!

P: Suck up.

[room erupts in laughter]

P: Jeff Macaraeg again!

J: Still San Diego

Thanks everyone, this was our most…interesting interview yet!

So, what do you think?


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