Ambulatory Resources

Yale Curriculum (ask chief for username/password)

Hopkins Modules 

(please view following for hopkin modules completions goals  for each year and ambulatory block)

ACP In the Clinic: Great resource for high yield info on clinic topics.Log in with ACP username and password.

ACP In the Clinic(slide set): power point presentations of high yield clinic topics. Log in with ACP username and password

The Difficult Clinic Encounter(great article)

Time management in clinic

VA Resources

1)How to apply for VA  home access

  • step 1: open document
  • step2: open the first link ( in the pdf above on a VA COMPUTER
  • step3:follow the directions on the link
  • important tips:put creighton email as your primary email and use steve fogerty as your supervisor,put va employee as an option,put personal computer as an option. read the pdf in full for what to do when you get access
  • Contact Ambulatory chief or VA chiefs if any issues

Continuity Clinic Educational Didactic (contains  questions and links to Dr Porter/Birch videos presented at VA continuity clinic)

1)July 7th 2014

2)July 14th 2014

3)July 21st 2014( contains link to a Porter/Birch video)

4)July 28th 2014

5)August 18th 2014

6)August 25th 2014(contains link to a Porter/Birch video)

7)September 2nd 2014

8)September 15th 2014

9)September 22nd 2014(contains link to a Porter/Birch video)

10)September 29th 2014

11)October 13th 2014

12)December 1st 2014(Contains link to Porter/Birch video-osteoporosis)

13)December 8th 2014(hypogonadism questions)

14)December 15th 2014(contains link to Porter/Birch video-unstable angina)

15)January 4th 2015(contains link to Influenza questions)

16)January 12th 2015(Contains link to Porter/Birch video-geriatric pharmacology)

17)January 19th 2015(Diabetes Questions)

18)January 30th 2015(Contains link to Porter/Birch video-microcytic anemia) NEJM article on microcytic anemia

10)January 2nd 2015(Anemia questions)

11)February 9th 2015(Eye questions)

12)February 17th 2015(Contains video to PBP on Acute diarrhea)



Dr Birch’s Handouts: highyield handouts

  1. Carotid_Artery_Disease
  2. Claudication
  3. Pericarditis
  4. syncope
  5. Exanthematous_Drug_Reactions
  6. Psoriasis
  7. pyoderma
  8. skinlesions
  9. venoustasisandpoisionIVY
  10. adenoma
  11. Common Thyroid Conditions
  12. Decline in Testicular Function with Aging
  13. Diabetes Update
  14. Elevated Prolactin
  15. Hyperparathyroidism
  17. sickeuthyroid
  18. Subclinical Hyperthyroidism
  19. Thyroid Nodules
  20. Aphthous Ulcers
  21. Meniere
  22. Tinnitus
  23. Angioedema
  24. Antithrombotics and surgery
  25. backpainandMRIfindings
  26. Behavior Modificaiton
  27. Chronic exertional compartment syndrome of the leg
  28. Chronic Pain in Primary Care(Dr Nawaz)
  29. Dyslipidemia_Treatment
  30. Lipid Med Compairison Ref
  31. Night Sweats
  33. Vaccine
  34. vitamin D
  35. Zoster1
  36. ascitiesmangement
  37. Hepatitis C Virus
  38. IBS
  40. Meckel
  41. coloncancer
  42. prostatecancerscreening
  43. The pneumococcal vaccine
  44. Thrombocytopenia
  45. CMV
  46. UTI
  47. complicatedUTI
  49. West Nile Encephalitis
  50. Manage symptomatic BPH
  51. Migrane
  52. migraneprevention
  53. Polyneuropathies
  54. scleritis
  55. The_RED_EYEpartIandPartII
  56. Gout
  57. HIP Pain
  58. Osteoarthritis
  59. Cough




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